Thursday, August 13, 2009

the rain

ok, it is August and raining, WHAT, well I guess that is just the fact s of living in oregon and soccer starting. This summer has gone by so fast, it has been filled with playdates, day trips and just some down time. I feel like I keep spinning around and around with my emotions, the rollorcoaster of living a life with cancer. I realized most of my posts have been written when we have been dealing with questionable results on Bransen's tests. So today it is start of seeking the joy, I am starting a new job, one I am in the "trial period" for and hoping to be paid in the new year. It is so close to my heart yet, keeps me removed from cancer. I am excited yet hesitate as I enjoy being a stay at home mom, most days :)
The rain reminds me of many tough days yet, a new beginning, without rain, the plants wouldn't grow, the rivers wouldn't flow, the mountains wouldn't have snow. The rain brings clean air and for me a clear mind. It is time to move forward to seek the new opportunities and the changes. this fall will be exciting, new job, school starting and watching the kids grow and grow!

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